Lunar X

Contemporary Jazz Quartet

Lunar X is a Contemporary Jazz Quartet based in Hanover, Germany.

Latest Release: Lunar X EP

About Us

Blurring the boundaries between day and night, losing yourself in the play of the tides and immersing yourself in another world;

This is the feeling the four musicians of „Lunar X“ convey from the first to the last note of their compositions. During their studies at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media, the artists quickly found each other through their common interest in exploring new paths together. Their music captivates with sensitive melodies, energetic improvisational passages, interjections resembling chamber music and impulsive interaction. Inspired by composers such as Aaron Parks, Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade, the pieces move between loud and quiet, strong and fragile as well as driving groove and floating free space.

Piano – Jakob Bereznai

Guitar – Joel Podolski

Bass – Robert Lüngen

Drums – Max Dost


Live Dates

24.01.2024 | Bremen, Chameleon Jazzbar

05.04.2024 | Braunschweig, Das Kult

06.04.2024 | Halberstadt, Bei Halleggers

08.04.2024 | Cottbus, Comicaze; w/FFF_Collective

09.04.2024 | Berlin, Kunstfabrik Schlot; w/Five Flying Elephants

10.04.2024 | Dresden, Blue Note

12.04.2024 | Hildesheim, LiteraNova

13.04.2024 | Magdeburg, Bürgerhaus Salbke

14.04.2024 | Hannover, Kulturpalast

16.04.2024 | Würzburg, Kellerperle

17.04.2024 | Nürnberg, Tante Betty

18.04.2024 | Ulm, Aegis Cafe

19.04.2024 | Pforzheim, Café Roland

20.04.2024 | Mainz, Atelier Christiane Schauder

21.04.2024 | Erlangen, E-Werk

22.04.2024 | Weimar, C-Keller

25.05.2024 | Soltau, Bibliothek Waldmühle


Future Prospects

Release Date: 20.01.2023


Release Date: 31.03.2023

High Tide

Release Date: 09.06.2023

Lunar X

Release Date: 05.04.2024